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Start with a very loose idea of feudal China. Take ‘ancient chinese’ as the starting point for imagining the culture of The Middle Kingdom. Once you have a picture of whatever this ancient, feudal China looks like, let it then fall in to ruin.

And that’s the Middle Kingdom at the start of campaign.

For centuries,

By now, you might have noticed the lack of a specific name for this land. That is because, to the majority of the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom, this is not one nation in a larger world. The Middle Kingdom is the known and unknown world. The places north of the Obsidian Wall and east of the Jade Sea are the celestial reaches and infernal depths, and are the realms of theological speculation. Fairy tales and ancient stories tell of the beings from beyond these places; and they are known collectively as ‘Shen Saiwai’ (神塞外), a word from the Old Tongue literally meaning ‘Gods from beyond the Wall’.

Theme & Style

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